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Nowadays, companies and factories can lead in a healthy competition, which does not stop the creative process and initiative in the specialized field of their work. Nobel Raoufi Producer has had a lot of years of gloss in the samovarization industry. We look forward to this long history and this glory. In the current world, after-sales service is a special consideration for each product. Perhaps it can safely be said that the provision of "good support services" is good and worthwhile, after producing and selling each commodity, as valuable as the production itself. Noble Raufi Company has been focusing its business priorities for many years and providing a regular system of after-sales service to its customers. "One Year Warranty and Five Years of After-Sales Services" is a service that the Noble Industrial Group of Raufi has been considering for its products. We hope that with the help of experienced and experienced staff, we will always keep the flame of creativity and innovation and quality. To protect this noble jewel, we have put all our efforts to life. 

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    Noble Industrial Group of Raufi

     The Noble Raoufi Industrial Group, whenever it has begun to produce a product, has yielded a new achievement to its Iranian families in terms of quality, comfort and accessibility. Sixty years of honest service and promotion of the values and ethics of business lead to the trust of the main stakeholders of the company, namely, customers.

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    سرمایه ی انسانی:

    From the very beginning of establishing a corporate culture based on the beliefs of its own founding fathers, it considers manpower as its main asset, therefore, the growth and development of the company through the continuous empowerment and continuity of the human forces, which is pleasure and satisfaction, as well as participation and loyalty

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    The company, with more than seventy types of presses and hydraulic cutting operations, has completed its products and has various equipment for welding, polishing and plating equipment, which are responsible for completing the work of the components needed for the production of products.


  • فن آوری اطلاعات IT

    فن آوری اطلاعات IT

    Nowadays, different parts of the company, despite the geographical distance, are connected with the use of the Internet and Comprehensive Software Network, and it facilitates and accelerates the development of these facilities for the provision of services to its customers and partners.

  • تعهد کیفی :

    تعهد کیفی :

    All products have one year warranty and ten years of support services. Due to the sensitivity and importance of product safety, the company has always established a quality commitment as an integral belief and culture for its partners.

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Noble Raoufi industrial Group  believes that the sale of products is the starting point for long-term relationships, hence the provision of after-sales services, support and accountability, and the consistent and consistent response to its goals.


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